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June 30th 2014 Consortium Meeting in Amsterdam VUMC

The consortium meeting for the second quarter 2014 will be held at the VUMC in Amsterdam. The meeting will start at 13:00 with lectures by Victor van Hinsberg and Nick Morrell followed at 16:00 by the presentations of the Phaedra members showing their progress in their work package.

February 7th 2014 Consortium Meeting in Groningen

The second consortium meeting of the Phaedra project has been held on the 7th of February at the UMC in Groningen. All partners gave a presentation on their progress in their work package and on their future plans to reach the milestones. Tieneke Schaaij-Visser from the Hartstichting was present and gave a nice overview on the work of the Hartstichting.

The meeting was continued with the “Cell Culture Meeting” where several protocols on cell culturing were discussed.

September 30th 2013 Kick-off Meeting Phaedra

The Phaedra consortium started 1st September 2013. The kick-off meeting was held on September 30th 2013 at the VUMC in Amsterdam. All partners were present and explained their plans on how to reach the deliverables and milestone within their Work Package.
Financial, organizational issues and planning were also discussed to ensure a well organised consortium.

cake The Phaedra project being granted by CVON was celebrated with a wonderful cake.